Wednesday, February 5, 2014

OK Topps, I'll Bite

I was successfully resisting the impulse to buy any 2014 Topps until I saw this post over at Dodgers Blue Heaven, featuring the short print variations of the Dodger cards.  I gotta have em!  So I stopped over at my local Wallymart and grabbed some cards in the hopes of catching some lightning in a retail box.

So let's check out what I got, since anything short of Dodgers or top notch cards will immediately become trade bait for all of you team, set and player card chasers out there. I didn't pull anything fantastic, but I can't complain too much.  Besides, there might be a card or two that you want.
Let's open with the Dodgers I pulled...

Third card from the box. Cool.

Kershaw on a card is always a plus.


Alas, none of those short-print variations, but I caught a few Dodgers, so all is well.  Here's some other players I've never heard of, from some other teams I've never heard of...

You want Rookie Card badges? I've got stinkin' Rookie Card badges...


HAHA...Everybody in the pool. I hear the water's fine.

Who likes inserts?

Hey! I pulled a Hanley Ram.....ohhhhhhh....he's a freakin' Marlin :(

Mini die-cut.  Cool card. 

Finally, if any of you are chasing these, my three Wallymart Blues...

 After these, a whole buncha base cards.  Although I'm very 'meh' about the card design,  I gotta admit, I love the photography Topps used this year.

Also: Roger and Zippy Zappy, your contest winnings went out in the mail yesterday. Keep an eye opened!

Thanks for reading, everybody!


  1. Hey Oscar, if you're not planning on keeping either of them, I'd love to get the yellow "Mo" and/or the Mauer mini. Let me know if you'd be interested in another trade. Thanks!

    1. Hey Nick. That sounds great. I've got a few I've been putting aside for your numerous side collections.
      I'll get a small package out to you this week.

    2. Awesome, Oscar. I'll start gathering up some things to send back your way as well. Thanks!

  2. Hi, I'd definitely be interested in trading for the blues. Wal-Mart blue is one of my fav retail parallels, and Matty D is one of my favourite players!

    Just let me know what you might be looking for in the way of run-of-the-mill base cards I may have lying around!

  3. Hi pleasure to have anew trading partner.
    Shoot me an email with your address and I'll PWE them right out to you :)