Monday, February 3, 2014

Football, Shmootball...Who Won The Super Easy Contest?

How about that Super Bowl?  As a Raider fan, it's always a joy to see the Broncos get thumped, but I was certainly hoping for closer competition than that.  At least my Super Bowl super burgers rocked the BBQ.  

 And on to the contest.  Thanks to all y'all who commented and joined in on the fun. I entered everyone's names over at, in the order that you commented:

 Comataoad and Greg Z are listed below there as numbers 12 and 13.  Per custom around here, I randomized it three times, and here are the final results:

CONGRATS to Zippy Zappy!  Unless you've changed your collecting habits, ZZ, I have an idea of what you like to collect.  I'll be sending you some Yankees and some assorted other goodies that I hope you'll enjoy.  Roger, you'll be getting a package soon as well. 

Thanks again for joining the contest everybody. 


  1. Awesome :). Thanks for the contest!

    1. You're welcome. It looks like Mantle's number 7 was lucky for you.

  2. What's the booby prize for finishing second both times? Sheesh! (Just Kidding.) Thanks for the contest.