Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Kershaw Card For Each K + 1 For Hanley

How about that Kershaw kid? Wow, just Wow! 

I first tuned into last night's game at the start of the sixth inning. Kershaw had been manhandling the Rockies for the previous five, and he had an 8-run cushion under him.  

Kershaw was more than halfway to a perfect game, Vinnie was calling it live from Dodger Stadium, and I quickly gathered up my boys to come and see something magic happening. 

Kershaw was absolutely dominating.  The umpire seemed to be on automatic pilot, just calling out, "Striiiiiiiiiike!" again and again as Public Enemy Number One dipped from the top of the stadium and into the strike zone in one beautiful rainbow curve after another. 

 At the bottom of the seventh, Scully sagely acknowledged what all Dodgers fans were silently thinking, but hesitant to voice. 

We all wanted the Dodger batters to hurry up with their ups so our hero could get back up on the mound. 

 The strike outs piled up, and everyone in my living room felt we were watching history unfold. 

Alas, in stepped fate in the form of Hanley Ramirez and his infamous throwing error.  The perfect game was not meant to be. 

I've seen many a pitcher stumble and unravel after a wonderfully pitched gem was otherwise marred by a mistake behind him.

 The next batter, the best in the N.L., Troy Tulowitzki, rapped a screamer down the third base line. What could have been trouble was quickly snuffed out by an outstanding snag and one-hop throw across the field by rookie Miguel Rojas to get the runner and preserve the no-hitter.  

Hanley definitely owes that kid a dinner and a new suit.  

Kid K just seemed to get stronger as he struck out two more in the eighth. 

 We hung on absolutely every pitch in the ninth. The first batter knocked one back to a charging Adrian Gonzalez, forcing Kershaw to run over and cover first for the out. A lot had to go right on that play and it was handled perfectly. 

Kershaw got the second out on a fly to Puig; say what you will about The Wild Horse, he was baseball savvy enough to use two hands on that can of corn.  

The last out was appropriately, a strikeout. 

Kershaw was nothing short of magnificent.  He was EPIC! 

The numbers crunchers are telling us that was the best game ever pitched, by anyone, ever.  

My gut tells me there are plenty more thrills to come from Kershaw that just might top that one.  


  1. I love the new blog header. It was a beautiful thing, was it not, my Dodger Brother? It's now okay that I wasn't around to hear Vin call a Koufax no-hitter. This was just as good. Amazing.

    1. It was a beautiful thing, indeed.
      I predict we're going to be the first team with a no-hitter threesome. The only question is...
      Ryu or Grienke?

    2. LoL, you got that right, brother.
      I actually thought about the four of them with no-hitters to bookend the four big boppers with 30 homers in one season. (Cey, Garvey, Smith and Toothpick Baker)