Friday, June 13, 2014

It's OK, New York...You Still Have The Statue Of Liberty

As for Los Angeles, well, we'll hold onto this for awhile...

 Seriously, what a battle! What a series! But only one team could win.

Every game was hard fought - with sweat, blood and broken hockey sticks, not fists.  The series was a throwback to old-time hockey. Kudos to both teams for leaving absolutely everything on the ice. 

The Rangers have nothing to be ashamed of. They made the Kings earn every inch of ice they took.  At times Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist was absolutely impenetrable and it looked impossibe to get the puck past him.

But finally, gloriously, FANTASTICALLY...the Kings did it!

This team just won't die. They just don't give up and they won't be denied. They keep on fighting until they win.

"Do I look cockroachy now?"

The Dodgers could learn a thing or two from the winning team on the other side of downtown Los Angeles.

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