Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rediscovered Dodgers Goodness 60's - 90's

Here comes Part 2 of the Dodgers goodies I found in a long-neglected shoebox. Yesterday we saw the Brooklyn Dodgers on cards from the 50's.  Today, we move forward to Los Angeles, the 60's, and beyond.

The Dodgers have a long history of big-time, home run hitters, but the heart that pumps their Blue Blood is that of a pitcher.  The Dodgers have long been a team built around pitching.  

They left the 50's and Brooklyn behind, and were fully embraced by their new home town.  Below is a card that symbolizes that changing of the team from the old bums of the borough to the shiny new stars in Hollywood...

 Although Koufax played for Brooklyn and Podres pitched in L.A., nobody really pictures them in those roles. Soon enough Podres would move over and the Dodgers became Sandy's team.  

Of course, Koufax had a little help...

Topps gives us a great portrait of Drysdale with an iconic old-time stadium in the background. 

The shoebox also contained some old stadium giveaways.  Leading off with1987, here's some highlights from a team set...

 These team-sponsored giveaways are great because they always contain lots of old Dodger Stadium scoreboards and seating colors from the past. 

Here's one of those multi-colored Astro's unis.  Any Astros fan out there know who the catcher might be?

Below is one of the card backs, followed by a card for Matt.  Recognize that guy, buddy? 

Next, a team set from '92. First up, Tim Crews, who was killed in a tragic boating accident...

 Seeing Davis here brings back my point of the Dodgers being in love with traveling home run hitters, but Orel is the heart...

  The final team set is from Mother's Cookies. Again, some great background Dodger Stadium lurkiness...

 Look at how young The Tornado looks! 

 I think that's Brett Butler's batting helmet lurking. 

You think only today's players can rock the shades? Check out Raul Mondesi looking ready to hit PCH after the game...

I'm unsure when this next giveaway took place, but I'm guessing around '95 or '96 because Hideo Nomo was included in this refrigerator magnet set of three.  I haven't opened the package, but I moved the magnets and we can see it contains 1990's Dodgers stars Karros, Nomo and Mike Piazza. 

  Of course there were more than Dodgers in that shoebox, so the next post or two will contain those finds. 

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. I always hope to find a few of those Mother's Cookies cards in my dime box digs. Not much luck so far, but I'm hoping I'll find some one of these days. Great cards.

    1. It seems Mother's made sets for a lot of teams - perhaps all of them?
      If I come across any extras, I'll be sure to share them with you.

  2. Oscar, I'm just hoping that I can find a couple of shoe boxes somewhere that have stuff 1/4 as cool as these. Great stuff!

    1. Thanks,Tony. Coming up are some cards I found from the other teams.