Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back From The Island Paradise

Aloha, everybody.  Hawaii was fabulous, exciting, fun, dramatic and a real blast. I can't wait to go back again. 

Here's some quick observations from my trip:

If you're like me, an L.A. Dodger fan who has no access to your beloved team on television, just book a flight out of LAX and watch the game in one of the airport bars. Problem solved.

70% of L.A. Dodger fans have no access to the Dodgers on TV, but apparently, the 95% of THE WORLD passing through LAX can watch them.

I only caught the All-Star Game in snippets, but it seemed first-time AS Dee Gordon kicked some 'A' on the bases and with the leather. 

When Gordon scored the first ASG run of his career, he was greeted by a pumped up and emotionally high NL dugout.  However, Yasiel Puig, the man at the far end of the dugout, had a sour puss look and appeared jealous. He didn't even high five Gordon.

 There are SF colors everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE around Oahu, especially the Windward Coast and North Shore areas where I spent most of my time. A lot wore 49ers gear, but most wore Giants colors. It was like being constantly surrounded by enemy flags. Dodger fans, if you're headed to Hawaii - REPRESENT! 

More on this next post

If you're going to get married there, have a sunset ceremony, as did my friend.  The sun is much too brutal for afternoon pics wearing gowns and tuxedos on an open beach.  I saw a few wedding parties cooking out there in the afternoon. 

 Girls in bikinis and gorgeous sunsets will quickly take your mind off the fact there aren't any baseball games on. 

Next post: I found something sports-related for us on my trip! 


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    1. It was truly special, Nick. I loved it. :)

  2. Nice pictures! Glad you had a good time.

    1. Thanks, Matt. It was a real blast and I got some awesome pics.