Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Dodgers Lost Today - So Let's Have A "Win" First Pitch

Leave it to our friends in Asia to give us another great first pitch in the tradition of pretty girls and baseball mash-ups. 

Now I'm going to do a "Vin Scully" and simply let the pictures speak for themselves...

And how about those jaguar print uniforms? 

A few years back I visited Taiwan, and although it was baseball season at the time, and I asked anybody who spoke English, unfortunately I couldn't find a game to attend.  

I did catch a baseball game on my hotel TV one night, and I was surprised at the low level of athleticism the game was played at. It seems a decent college team could dominate the leagues over there.

That said, I would happily attend any game that featured first pitches and cute baseball cheerleaders such as those offered up by the Taiwanese. 

For new readers, this isn't the first time ATBATT has featured an unusual first pitch from Asia. Back in August of last year, we checked out an attractive first pitcher from Korea. If you missed it the first time around, visit this post.

Good night, everybody.


  1. It looks like they brought the old Gold Club from Atlanta to the baseball field. Andruw Jones would have approved.