Monday, December 29, 2014

Binder Page Heroes - Nolan Ryan

Aloha readers and trade partners,

I was recently privileged to be profiled by Nachos Grande in his most excellent series Better Know A Blogger. In the profile I mentioned the favorite articles in my collection to be my main baseball card binders - one for the Dodgers and one for players from all the other teams. 

The cards in those binders are my current favorites, which means they are updated and reorganized whenever new favorites join my collection. 

Answering that profile question reminded me of a series that's been dormant here on ATBATT for a while now, Binder Page Heroes. In the series I show off a random binder page and the cards currently residing there. 

I figure it's time to revisit that series, so let's begin with my Nolan Ryan page. 

Leading off is a miiiiiiinnnnnnnnniiiiii Express...

When I restarted my collecting back around 1994, Ryan was one of the first players that I collected. His legend was still pretty fresh to baseball fans, and we share the same birthday, which I felt connected us somehow...
 I've gotta give Ryan extra credit for pitching so well in such an ugly uniform. 

Gotta love the old (now gone) Houston Astrodome in the logo. My only personal memory of the Astrodome is driving past it once and marveling at it from the freeway.

 Seven no-hitters. Simply amazing. 

As you can see, I'm a sucker for these "No hitter" tribute cards. 

 And now, a Ryan card with a lurking Dodger Stadium...

 Some folks liked to take Ryan down a notch and say it's inevitable that he's attained all those no-hitter and strike out stats "just because he pitched forever".  

Well, you don't get to pitch forever if you're not any good. 

Remember when pretty much everyone's mitts were made by Rawlings?

Finally, a card where Ryan shares the spotlight with another couple of pitching legends...



  1. I liked those old SP diecuts. The only problem is they are hard to keep in good shape.

  2. Yup, those diecuts are faves of mine also.
    But - I've had a couple of moments of grief over chipped tabs with those. >.<


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  4. Great bunch of Ryan's. Loved the interview over at Nachos Grande

    1. Thanks for reading the article over there at Nacho's blog.
      It was really fun to participate.


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