Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Last, Last, Last JBF From JBF

Aloha everybody,

My team went hog wild at the Winter Baseball Meetings. When the dust settled, among other things, they traded away one of my treasured - and one of my least favorite Dodgers. 

Poor ol' Flash Gordon Jr., who did nothing in 2014 except lead everyone in all of baseball with the most stolen bases and triples, hit a whole messa doubles, make some spectacular plays at his new position, make the all-star team, AND play very well in the A.S. game - earned nothing but a one-way ticket to palookaville (Florida). Thanks, new Dodger management. Sheesh! 

At least they moved the locker room prima-dona that is Matt Kemp. Sure, his fans will rightfully point to his brilliant final six weeks of the season - but they have selective vision when it comes to his previous two and a half seasons of injury, lack of hustle (which caused a major ankle injury), fading defensive skills, increasing crybaby skills, and continued focus on the name on the rear of his jersey, not the one in front. 

That said, let's check out the final installment of my favorite cards that were sent to me by Wes, from JBF fame, right before he closed up shop on his blog.  

Since it's Sunday and my Raiders have once again blundered and sputtered to yet another embarrassing loss, let's kick off today's cards with a Dodger who blundered and stumbled his way through his short-lived (thank goodness) stint as a Dodger....

The Dodgers brought in Andruw with the hopes that his being on the verge of joining the 500 Home Run Club would translate to fans at the turnstiles rushing in to catch his HOF credentialed 500th homer. 

What a crock that was. Fatty Jones just stunk up the joint until moving on to whomever team, USA, and hitting his 500th in their stadium. 

 Cesar was a fan-favorite in my home, as both of my sons and I loved his play at shortstop. The kid didn't hit enough to stay a Dodger, and we were all sorry to see him go. 

It's very cool to now have a bat slice from Cesar. 

Wes doesn't just send you relics and swatches when he puts together a package for you. He also includes autos...

This is my first Goodwin Champions autograph card and it's a real beaute. Corey Wade is awash in a beautiful Field of Dreams dusk pallette. Wade signed like he meant it and left a great John Hancock on the card. 

I started this series of posts with a Mike Piazza card, so it's only fitting that Home Run bashing Mike should close out the player cards today. 

This Score card is fantastic. Not only because of the attractive PS shield,
not the action photo of Piazza getting ready to fire off that ball,  
and it's not the fuzzy Dodger Stadium golden yellow seats in the background. It's something more that makes this a brilliant card.

It's the early LA Piazza mullet that even the tools of ignorance can barely contain! It's a sweet, sweet mullet card. 

Finally, the crown jewel of the package. 

No, it's not another relic card, nor another players auto, not even a card of a baseball HOFer. 

My absolute favorite card from the package is a one of a kind card from a HOF blogger and trader.  

Loyal readers and trade partners, I present...

My very own numbered (under 10!!!!) autographed card of good ol' Wes, hisself!! How awesome is that! 

THANKS so much, Wes, for a great package, and the even greater double honors of being included in the final blow-out blast of cards to leave from JBF headquarters, and this awesome one-of-a-kind slice of cardboard. What a treat! 



  1. While the Kemp trade won't be popular it will at least get rid of a bad contract. Kemp is still a good player, but at his age it would be almost impossible to live up to that contract. I'm curious to see how he'll do in San Diego. Seems like a bad fit as it is hard to hit in that park.

    1. You're right, Matt. I think the new Dodger's GM and I are the only two people in LA happy to see that trade. Although I think it's a wise one from the clubhouse and on the field perspectives.

      I agree with you - he may not do well because of SD's park. I haven't seen anyone post up his stats there.
      I also think it's even money that he returns to being the strike-out king in SD's line up. Just pitch him low and away and he'll strike himself out all day long. LoL
      The one I'm really gonna really miss is Kid Gordon.

  2. Love the Wade auto.

    As a Padre fan, I have my fingers crossed for good numbers from Kemp.. though yeah, I'll be pleasantly surprised if he has any All-Star caliber seasons left in him.

    1. Perhaps not an All-Star, but I have to admit he was tearing it up at the end of last season.
      If you get just half of that Matt Kemp at the plate, you won't be disappointed.
      He'll bring that game-changer feeling to every at bat.
      That said, I hope he always brings the pain to the Giants, and K's against Kershaw :)