Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tis The Season To Get Zippy Zapped !


One of Santa's helpers has sent me an early Christmas package. Yahoooo !!!

Jolly Saint Zippy Zappy sent me a package full of Dodgers goodness that I'm very happy to share with all of you. ZZ took special care in packing because every card was brand new for me. Let's check out some of these great new Christmas additions to my collection. 

Leading off are the Big Three of the Dodgers' pitching rotation from 2014. First up is the big star on top of the Dodgers' Blue Christmas tree...

Looking at Kid K's game face here, I feel as though just his photo can strike me out! 

Next up are two great cards from the number 1.5 Ace...
 Speaking of game faces, this is a great shot of GreinKe representing the Dodgers at the All-Star game this past summer. 

Following is a great shiny chrome card that manages to look washed out by my scanner...

Finally, a new ornament - errrrrr, card - to add to my growing Hyun-Jin Ryu collection..

Next up are position players, old and new.

 A very cool Gold Upper Deck parallel of Rafi Furcal. These were numbered to 99, and I've got one under my Christmas tree.

Next up is a Dodger of the future. We traded away last season's second baseman, Dee Gordon and snagged Howie Kendrick from the Angels to play second next year. 

Guerrero is expected to be ready for the majors and take over in 2016...

 Guerrero's big claim to fame in 2014 was having part of his ear bit off in a dugout fight with teammate Miguel Olivo. For the morbidly curious, the ear shown in the card is not the one which was shredded.

Ending Part One of the Zippy Zappy Christmas package is a tribute reprint of the 1949 RC of Duke Snider. 

I'll probably never own an original rookie card from the Duke of Flatbush, unless it's so chewy it looks like Guerrero's ear, but now I've got a pretty cool Platinum Blue Sapphire refractor of it...

 I'm including a shot of the back of the card because I love the offer to send away for a baseball ring...

Only 15 cents - and three wrappers! Cool. 

Zippy Zappy,thanks to you, it's not just Elvis, now I'm too thinking of a Blue Christmas. 

Next post: Part 2


  1. I recently got a holiday Zippy Zapping as well! Love that Snider reprint.

  2. Zippy is the man. I think the whole blogosphere was zapped.

  3. Glad you got the cards safely and that you liked them.
    Looking forward to part II :).

    1. Part 2 just went up! Thanks for everything, buddy :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Mark. It's become one of my favorite tribute cards.