Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Maybe Second Place In The World Series Aint So Bad

Aloha everybody,

During the World Series Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown held a contest with First Prize being one of his world-famous custom cards, and of course, a fistful of cards with which to fill the collecting binders of the winner. 

I didn't win first place (Matt from Bob Walk The Plank won that), but Gavin held a second place runoff, and I was lucky enough to win that one. 

OK, I'll admit winning second place in Gavin's contest isn't exactly like coming in second in the Fall Classic, but when my prize package arrived, it was certainly World Series-sized! 

My prize package was so large, that I really didn't think stuffing everything into just one post would pay proper respect, so in keeping with the World Series theme, I've decided to break this prize homage up into five posts, thus mirroring the 5-game World Series. 

That said, long before the World Series arrives, Spring Training begins every baseball season with....pitchers and catchers. So let's use those cards and begin. 

If you're going to think of the World Series and a Dodgers pitcher,  you can't go wrong by handing the ball to this guy in Game One...
 An extra bonus on this Bulldog card is the 1984 Olympics patch on his uniform sleeve. I remember the Olympics happening in Los Angeles like it was yesterday. 

Next up is one of my all-time favorite Dodger pitchers. A man who never got to pitch in the Fall Classic, but whom I would equally be comfortable handing a Game One ball to as well....

"I'm Pedro's brother."

 Next up is another Dodger with a World Series ring, El Toro...

"I'm the first pitcher to win the ROY and Cy Young awards in the same year."

Next up is the Dodgers' (and MLB's) first try with a Korean pitcher, Chan Ho Park....

The Dodgers are once again experimenting with a Korean pitcher. After sitting out the 2015 season with a bum arm, I'm hoping to see this southpaw roar back next season...

RC badge!
 Next is one of my favorite all-time Dodger closers, looking very different without his trademark Game Over goggles...

 How about a few catcher's cards...and let's lead off with a very cool All-Star, game used, swatch card...

 Finishing out the Game One post is a former Dodgers catcher who six degrees us into a World Series connection with the second-place New York Mets...

Piazza in action on a Sunday afternoon at Dodger Stadium...

"Check out my golden locks."

Closing out pitchers and catchers and Spring Training is some ROY sweet cardboard... 

  THANKS for the great cards, Gavin. More are coming up. 

 Next post: Game Two



  1. Woo! Glad you were happy with the cards!

  2. Gavin hooked us up big time. I've always been a sucker for the WBC cards. Some of my favorite Jason Bay cards are from the Team Canada WBC team.

    1. I haven't come across many of those WBC cards, but I'm starting to like them as well. Think I'll get a collection going myself.