Thursday, November 19, 2015

Post Two From BCB's World Series Prize Package


Here comes Part 2 of the cool cardboard that I got from Gavin when I hit Second Place in his World Series Contest. This is the "Recent Dodger Stars in LA Post".

Leading off is the longest-tenured player on the current squad to have worn the Dodgers uniform in LA, but who may not see one day as a Dodger in 2016. 

Andre Ethier began his career as an LA Dodger, earning the nickname "Captain Clutch" after a string of game-winning hits. He fizzled out a bit over the 2013-14 seasons, and returned to have a big comeback season in 2015...only to possibly dash all hopes of remaining in Dodger Blue when he inexplicably had a dugout meltdown during Game 3 of the NLCS against the Mets.

I liked Ethier, and championed his cause during 2015, but after that public screamfest against his manager - in the middle of a playoff game, no less - I'm ready to let Ethier and his tantrums move on. 

Speaking of tainted LA stars who mostly remain loved only by their devoted fanbases, and their dear old moms, I present Mr. Kemp...

I know what some of you are saying out there - surely LA must have a had a favorite star who was a nice Jewish boy. Well, we did. 

Shawn Green sent baseballs streaking out of Chavez Ravine like clockwork. Green holds the Dodgers' single-season record for home runs, and among other MLB records, he hit the most homers in a game (4) and scored the most runs in a game (6). 

Hey Night Owl, maybe we can call this set the "Kitchen Island Marble Top" Set.

Green had one of the smoothest swings I ever did see.

How about a hometown favorite who was a star in Boston and returned home to become a big star in LA...

Nomar played a big role in the greatest baseball game I ever attended, hitting two home runs against the Padres - including the game winner - in the famous four Dodgers back to back to back to back home run game. 

Next up is the man who holds the all-time LA Dodgers home run record (270). He also hit a home run in his first major league at bat...
Looks like Karros is on top of this one, though. Easy grounder, coming up!

Here we have a star from the past couple of seasons. Turner came out of nowhere to play solidly off the bench and he always packs lightning in his bat...

Textbook form
Jumping back in time, we bring a card from one of the players who shone for too-brief a time in Chavez Ravine, and went on to have the rest of a great career somewhere else...

The card says Franchise Futures, but we didn't know they meant the Rangers.

That's it for tonight. Next post: Game Three



  1. I almost sent you a bunch of Mattingly Yankees cards just for laughs!