Saturday, January 2, 2016

Has Anybody Seen My Wallet Card?

Aloha, everybody, 

The new year begins with a look back at ATBATT's participation in Wallet Card 2015. 

My wallet card's adventure started out with excitement and unlimited potential, but ended in a mystery. 

Let's begin by going back to this same time, one year ago. Settling upon which card would have the honors of representing was difficult. In the end I chose 2012 Topps Archives Sandy Koufax.

Here's its first appearance of the year, stuffed into a pay telephone outside a crummy diner...

 (Note the accidentally artful composition of reflecting myself in the phone receiver.) 

This first photo gave me the inspiration to cast wallet card as a traveling icon which would document my 2015 adventures. 

Wc was exposed to culture and art...

...and enjoyed a cold one from time to time.

Of course Wc supported the other local teams in town...

 And even visited the (other) Baseball Hall of Fame, the Baseball Reliquary...

But wallet card's favorite place was the same as mine...

 WC was even featured in a shot with a replica 1963 World Series Championship ring, a WS that saw Koufax earn the MVP award.

That was wallet card's final appearance here for 2015. It remained in my wallet for roughly another month, until I attended my final Dodgers game of the year, sometime in late August. 

Shortly after we arrived at our seats, I pulled wallet card out and placed him in my pocket (or so I thought) for easy access photos later in the evening. 

After a couple of innings I reached for Wc and he wasn't in my pocket. Further searching proved fruitless as Wc was nowhere to be found. Lost forever. 

So my Wc never did make it to the end of the year, but it was last seen in the perfect place to disappear - Chavez Ravine. 

Aloha, Wallet Card, wherever you may be. 


  1. Hopefully some kid found Sandy and it made his day.

    1. I would like to think that card just moved on to a new owner, who will probably never know of Wc's previous fame.

  2. in a somewhat related story, i found a signed pedro astacio card at the ravine once during a game in the mid-90's. i'm guessing some auto hound dropped it on their way out of the field level before the game started.

    1. Nice find for you. The Ravine giveth, and the Ravine taketh away.