Sunday, January 31, 2016

Once More Around The Sun For Us!

Aloha, everybody, 

It's raining here in LA, but today is my Yahoooooo!!! 

There's no deep message or carefully constructed theme behind today's words and cards. Let's just have a simple party showing a few cardboard heroes in celebration mode. 

Of course, the Dodgers shall lead off. Here come a couple of big time World Series MVP pitchers, Mr. Podres and Mr. Koufax...

That's Sandy celebrating a 1963 World Series win. BTW - Koufax (2-0) and Podres (1-0) pitched back to back wins as the Dodgers swept the Yankees. 

I first thought about showing Kirk Gibson celebrating as he rounded the bases after his big home run in the 1988 World Series, but I found this card of the guy who hit twice as many as Gibby, and just as many as the Bash Brothers hit in that series...

 Gibson's 9th inning heroics would have come up short if not for this Game One home run from Mickey Hatcher in the bottom of the first inning. 

How about a little bit more Dodgers happiness...

Next up is a happy gallop from another one of my all-time favorite World Series homers...

I chose this Winfield card because he looks like he's rocking a home run celebration smile on his 1984 Topps card.

Of course somebody who was not shy about on-field celebrations was this man...

The pitcher usually bats last, so we'll close today with another of my favorite pitchers, whom I am happy to share my birthday with...
Happy Birthday to the man they called The Express.

I coulda went with that birthday song from the Beatles where they say it's your birthday, but I don't like the Beatles, sooo...let's run with a funky little tune from my old new wave days...




  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. let's try that again ;) Happy BIRTHDAY!

  3. Happy day of birth to you! That's an awful lot of Major Leaguers you got to celebrate your big day.

    1. Yeh, but the appearance fees may prohibit me from another star-studded event next year.

  4. Happy birthday! So you share your birthday with Jackie Robinson -- very cool.

    1. Thanks, N.O.
      I thought about mentioning it, but I just didn't find any cards with Jackie celebrating.

    2. What about your 1952 World Series Highlights card. It features Jackie Robinson. Happy birthday!

    3. You're absolutely right, Daniel. When I re[plied to N.O. I was remembering my futile search for a solo Jackie card. I completely forgot he was in that group shot. Seems I had one all along :)