Sunday, January 3, 2016

What The Heck Am I Doing With Giants Cards?

Aloha, everybody,

Let's start off 2016 with a re-declaration of what ATBATT is all about. I do this because of something the venerable Night Owl mentioned in his post about some cardboard gold that I recently sent to him. Here is what N.O. had to say:
"So here we are at a package from All Trade Bait All The Time. Oscar doesn't really feature all trade bait all the time on his blog. It's mostly Dodgers he received, games he saw and beer he drank. But, I'm not showing any night owls on cards on my blog either. It's just a title."
 It is just a title, but some of you out there might think the cards I show aren't available for trade, unless I specifically mention it. Thus, I want to add a bit to N.O.'s observation, and gently assure you that almost every card I showcase on ATBATT is indeed trade bait - even the Dodgers. 

As with all of us, of course some cards in my collection are untouchable, but every man has his cardboard price, and I'm open to any offer for just about any card, if it will benefit both of our collections.

That said...we'll launch 2016 with a hearty, "What'll you give me for these?" 

Here's the back side...

 What we have here is a 5-card set of metal Willie Mays cards from 1995. They were a gift to me from mom. Bless her heart for supporting my card collecting hobby, but apparently she had no idea that giving me gift cards of a San Francisco Giant would be akin to gifting Johnny Roseboro a RC of Juan Marichal. 

The cards come inside a little tin with colorful embossing and a "sandblasted" surface texture...

Here they are in the tin, each metal card individually wrapped in plastic...

I discovered this tin while rummaging through my closet for Christmas wrapping paper. I hadn't looked at them in years. You saw card #1 from the set earlier; here come the other four, in order...

I know they're mass-produced junk metal from the junk wax era, but I've gotta admit, the design is right on, the colors are vibrant, and I like the raised stars and crossed-bats nameplate on the front...

...and rolled framing around the rear...

The cardmakers stumbled a bit on card #4, as it represents May's stint with the New York Mets, but fails to show him in a Mets uni on the front or back...

 Card #5 gives props to Willie, Mickey and the Duke...

It's a cool little set, and the Say Hey Kid was a great player, but it's definitely possible for me to have too many Giants in my collection.

So, if offering up for trade a gift from dear old mom won't convince folks that I'm sincere about "All Trade Bait, All The Time", then nothing will. 




  1. I would love to add that to my Giants collection, let me see what I can offer in return.

    1. Cool! I know these will definitely be in a good Giants home with you..

  2. What about the beer? Is the beer trade bait, too?

    1. Believe it or not, my friend, discussion around beer trading has begun. So I suppose, yes, the beer is trade bait as well :)

  3. I've still been giving some thought about beer trading. The main issue is that I live in an area that is void of good local beer. Most of my high end/rare beer comes from friends that live in the DC and NYC/New Jersey area. I do have a good bit available to me in Pennsylvania at good prices, but you may already have those in Southern CA.

    What breweries have you wanted to try? I'm pretty sure you can search on beer advocate by state. Give a look at Pennsylvania and West Virginia.