Saturday, March 12, 2016

In Case You Clicked On That Bunk Pimp Link...

Aloha, everybody,

First off, no, it wasn't bunk because it was a lousy read. Ha!

Yesterday I had a shite experience with my post about the pimps in my collection. 

I pressed some kinda wrong button and the post went up with black ink on a black background which made it impossible to read. 

In the end I deleted the bad post and rewrote it. It took less than 10 minutes to do, but the original announcement for the deleted post (which led to a blank page) sat in everyone's blog rolls for over an hour. 

Even though I wrote a new post and published, the announcement for the new post took that hour to update, and I suspect many of you who clicked on the deleted post may not have caught the fact a new one was up. 

I say all this because I noticed almost no views on the post. I am pimping my pimp post. If you're interested - it's up and waiting for you. Get your Saturday morning read on with ATBATT. 


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