Friday, March 11, 2016

Bryce Harper Aint got Nothing on the Pimps in my Binders

Aloha, everybody,

So Bryce Harper says baseball is "tired" and needs some pimping to liven it up. I get it. It's a new era. 

Just as baseball gave us a livelier ball to make the game more exciting, Harper and many of today's ballplayers want to pimp home run shots and fist pump until the cows come home, because that's how they want to leave their mark on the diamond. 

Every team's got a pimp. The pimp on the Dodgers is Yasiel Puig. I wrote an article about that today for LAdodgerreport. I hope when you're done here, you'll stop by there and give that a read also.

Writing that got me to thinking about where I can find some straight up pimps in my card collection. Everybody knows the pimp card of 2016 Topps is the Joey Bats bat flip card, but I haven't pulled that one yet. Nevertheless, I found a few pimp daddies in my collection. 

Leading off is Matt Kemp pimping the old school threads. 

The Big Hurt  pimping eye black (stick on style) 

Here comes Catfish pimping the old fake pitch pose.

I wonder if this is the first time anybody was "catfished". 

The Hawk pimping the stare down. 

Vida pimping the joy of la vida. 

 Boggsy pimping the knuckleball.

 Topps had the opportunity for a pimp set with these Pressed Into Service inserts. Instead, by settling for so many cards without actual photos of the players pitching, they went from pimping to FAIL. 

Clemente pimps the die-cut.

Fingers pimps the mustache. 

The Splendid Splinter pimps the stretch.

Pimping the hardware. 
 Of course Kemp returns. Pimps always double dip.

This guy pimps the right name, but in the wrong profession. 

EY pimping the DP.

Gibby pimping the glory. 

Beltre pimping the stretch (part two). 

Finally, Sandy pimping the zeroes. 

Here's the ATBATT pimp saying, Aloha! 


  1. Kennedy was an original Brewer whom I wrote about in my "Meet the Brewers" series. He was with the Senators when JFK was president, and tells a story about how one of his fiancee's letters went to the White House instead of to him.

    1. Great trivia on Kennedy, Tony. I never knew that one about the fiancee letter.