Tuesday, March 8, 2016

When There's No Topps Heritage In Stock, You Buy This...

Aloha, everybody,

Last week I saw 2016 Heritage popping up around the blogosphere, so I popped over to Target to get my share of the new cardboard. 

While my local store is usually right on time with stocking the latest product, there was no Heritage to be found, so I was left with a choice - buy more 2016 Topps, or take a chance on something like this...

They had me at 1:4 boxes contain a hit. That sure is better odds than I'm getting with the smoke set from Topps. Besides, the worst that would happen is I'll find one Dodger and I'll gain 99 more cards to replenish all of your trade stacks. With a repack we all win! It was settled. 

The card box also included one pack...

1992 Score. The back of the pack says the big pull from this one will be a Todd Van Poppel rookie insert. Somebody wondered the other day if anybody remembers when Van Poppel was big in the hobby. Here's a pack from those days. I went right into ripping this one. How did I do? 

The Van Poppel still eludes me. On to the rest of the repack, which might still contain a hit!

I got one World Series hero. Fleer took what could have been a simple, but decent enough card, and blew it with that Rocky and Bullwinkle curtain. I suppose it was also too much trouble to add Frank Viola's name.

I got some scrubs. Ol' Donny looks pretty much surprised that he actually hit the ball. 

I caught this very attractive purple shiny one. Is that Mount Fuji in the background? 

 I did catch a player that I collect - and on a DK that I didn't yet have! 

  More scrubs. 

And a past Cubbie...

Is that a portrait of Dunston on his sweatband? Did all of the Cubs have their portraits on their arms? 

I even pulled a Dodgers scrub...

Here's Landreaux in a familiar pose - checking how high his pop up is headed. 

Did I mention yet this repack was obviously meant to be shipped to the bay area? It was FULL of Giants.

 Lincecum is on the downside of his career now. It seems the Padres are taking a hard look at him. Part of me is hoping the Dodgers will lock him up cheaply - just to keep him out of the rotations of our division rivals, and he may have some gas left in the tank. 

I saw him pitch up at Toy Car Stadium in Frisco back in 2013. It was one of the best pitching performances I've seen in person. He struck out 18 Cubs that afternoon. The happy ending was the Giants offense couldn't score and the Giants still lost the game.

I got a nice minor leaguer card. 

And not one, but two of the same checklist...

How about this Braun card...

I could swear my grandmother had a portrait on her wall of Jesus with the exact, same eyes. 

I pulled another Ramon Martinez card (again, new for me)...

And you can never go wrong with Michael Jack Schmidt...
 These All-Star cards seem to always be found in these repacks, but thats ok, because it's Schmiddy. 

 Oh...did we beat the odds and pull a hit?  

You bet we did - but it's a hit with a grain of salt. 

It seems the kid has a lot of potential, but he's struggled in showing concrete results. The Blue Jays are moving him from a starting pitcher to the bullpen, so we'll see what happens with that. 

On the bright side for Cardona, he's young, so there's time for everything to work out.

The bright side for us is I pulled 2 new Ramon Martinez cards for me and 98 for all of you. 



  1. Always nice to pull an auto.. congrats!

  2. Mt Fuji in the background...awesome!

  3. To be technical about it, both Braun and Jesus are Jewish, so..... ;-)

    1. Hmmm...has anyone seen them both in the same room at the same time?

  4. Probably not too many people that draw a Braun/Jesus comparison.

  5. I must have seen that Dunston card a million times, but I never noticed the portrait on his sweat band. How on earth did I miss that bit of weird?