Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cards Come in the Strangest Ways - Part 2

Aloha, everybody,

A few weeks ago I found a few cello packs of cards sitting atop my laptop, waiting for me to discover what was inside. 

They came as a surprise gift from the roommate. They were of a type I had never seen before, and were obviously of the repack strain. 

The fun that ordinarily comes from ripping packs slowly abated as each pack contained junkier junk wax and scrubbier scrubs than the last. After saying thanks, I let him know he'd be better off keeping his money rather than buying that brand of repacks. 

A few days ago a new brand of repacks were waiting for me atop my laptop. 

 That's right - Three packs of Ultimate Super Jumbo Pack - Baseball Edition!

I gotta say, USJP actually had a few humble surprises inside. No big time autos, no serial-numbers, but a little fun in every pack. 

There were a few cards from football, basketball and hockey. I've got no idea if Jose Theodore is any good as as far as goalies go, but he's got a boss Upper Deck card here...

Andre Reed's card features a great photograph here...

 But I'm not interested in cards from those sports. Cut to baseball...

 I love these early junk cards because they give us the funky hair and not cool mustaches, and the vintage uniform variations. Preston Hanna here is proof that the 'Lanta Braves invented the trucker cap. 

How about these old-timey Padre unis...


I can't ever think of Keith Hernandez without also thinking of his appearance on Seinfeld...

 One nice thing about these packs is they spanned a fair amount of years and brands, and they occasionally coughed up a player you and I have heard of.

Sure it's 1991 Upper Deck and who cares about that? 
But it's the Big Unit hurlin' one at you, in magnificent Mariners blue... 

Finally today, one of the best cards to come out of the packs. 

Billy Martin, manager of the New York Yankees...

How about that photo. Whatever is going on behind those eyes is not the game before them. 

No, Billy is thinking about the impending firing from Steinbrennar that he can literally feel upon his back, or he's wondering which bar he left his wallet in the night before. 

Either way, that Martin card is a gem. 

More on the repack junk coming soon in Part Three - The Final Repack




  1. Thats a really nice Jose Theodore card. If you're not into hockey, feel free to send it my way!

    1. It's all yours Adam. I'll add it to your stack.
      I should be hitting the post office on Monday or Tuesday.

  2. They have these types of repacks at the Dollar Trees in my area. I buy them from time to time.