Monday, May 23, 2016

Plenty of Dodgers Pitching in a PWE to Me - All the Way from Chicago!

Aloha, everybody, 

A couple of weeks ago it was Cubs in the Mail Day. It seems Dodgers in the Mail Day has now come to pass. Good ol' Tony B from Wrigley Roster Jenga sent a PWE  to me that was packed with Dodgers goodness.

Let's take a peek at the highlights. First up is some cool Dodgers vintage...

 I remember Rau from my youth. I liked him because I'm always partial to southpaws (bein' one myself). 

BONUS: Here's a great piece of audio/video from the 1977 World Series. The video is some very nice Dodgers Yankees cards from the time. The audio is the best part.

Tommie Lasorda goes out to the mound to remove Rau, who has given up four consecutive hits. Rau doesn't wanna go. What follows is pure profanity-laced Lasorda goodness. 

(Extra bonus' for me are hearing the Dodgers P.A. announcer of my youth, and Helen Dell on the Dodgers' organ as Tommy curses to high heaven) 

Rautzhan pitched in two World Series for the Dodgers, '77 and '78 against the Yankees. 

Unfortunately, Lance passed away this past January. He's now pitching against those Yanks in the big blue sky. 

Up next is Zach Lee, a young pitcher who's had a couple of chances to break into the bigs, but hasn't been able to stay. 

With Dodger pitching being the mess it is, I'm advocating for Lee to get one last shot at making the big club...

Up next are two great new additions for my Ramon Martinez PC...

The back of this card gives us one more Dodgers pitching great.

That's Don Drysdale interviewing Ramon. Drysdale worked as a Dodgers broadcaster until his untimely death in 1993. 

Here's one of Bulldog Hershiser that I've never seen before. What the heck is going on here? Is Bulldog laying sod? At another ballpark? No help from the back of the card.

98% of my Strawberry cards have come to me from my fellow collectors. Thanks, because I cannot get enough Strawberry cardboard. 

This one has cool 3-D of the Straw sliding into home. Don't forget to check out the stirrups with high tops. 

Thanks to Tony, I now have my first card of the Dodgers' new Japanese import, Kenta Maeda. 

He pitched well in yesterday's 17-inning marathon. He held the Padres scoreless for the first four innings, but never got his groove back after sitting for a half hour waiting for a replacement ump, because the home plate ump took a foul to the groin and had to leave the game.

You can't say Dodgers' pitchers without saying Brooklyn! Tony B took care of that angle too. Here's an oddball with a wonderful photo...

 Here's Dodgers youth that I just can't seem to ever pull from packs.  So once again - thanks, Tony - for helping me to get my hands on some Corey Seager cardboard. 

 We'll close with two of the best starters to ever wear the home whites for my team. 

You can't go wrong with Kershaw or Fernando, and you certainly have a heckuva card when it features both...

The back of the card tells us that Fernando and Kersh - both southpaws - are the youngest Dodger pitchers to reach 1,000 strike outs. They also both started four All-Star games in a row. Not bad company. 

Thanks for the pitching-packed PWE, Tony. Those were a lot of great additions to my collection. 



  1. You're quite welcome - glad you enjoyed the holiday!

    1. I'm pretty sure these Cubs/Dodgers holidays will be more often than once a year :)

  2. Lance Rautzhan died??? Jeez, I missed that. That's a bummer.