Thursday, November 17, 2016

I Don't Collect These...Do You Need 'Em?

Aloha, everybody, 

I recently sorted my extra cards and created trade stacks for this year's edition of Operation PWE. 

Yup, it's that time of year again, so if you're a past trading partner of mine, chances are you will be receiving a PWE (or humble-sized package) of cardboard for your collection. 

If we haven't traded before, that doesn't count you out - I simply don't know you're out there. Since last year numerous new card blogs have joined our community, and since ATBATT spent almost all summer being dormant, the newer blogs probably aren't familiar with me either. 

There's a simple way to remedy that, just get in touch and point me to your blog, or let me know you're a reader interested in trading, and we'll see if we can't get that ball rolling. There are plenty of teams and players I have cards of, who I don't yet have traders for. 

Now that's out of the way, let's get down to the business at hand. These things...

 I've got a few of these non-player cards that I don't collect, so I figure I'd post them up here and see if they can help someone who does chase these. 


 Not minis...

I had a small thrill when I pulled this during the Olympics. They're in the past, so it's time for me to move on...

For a while I thought this was a Beatles card. I'm so not interested in the Beatles, I didn't even bother to look closely or flip the back to learn it's some Russian hockey players (Yudin, Yushkevich, Andryevski, and Kaminski)...

 Here come the real Beatles...

Not Richard....

Not Stephen Hawking, but he'll do...

I've got 'em, who wants 'em? 



  1. Your aversion to the Beatles will never cease perplexing me. The greatest band of all time! Don't get me wrong, I love the Stones too, but it's not even close. I still respect you as a person, though. :)

    1. I hear you, man. I've got other friends who've told me the same thing. I think I'm just hardwired to choose one or the other. No room in my heart for both, lol.
      Although I do like "Back in the USSR", "While my guitar gently weeps" and that one about the holes in Albert Hall. Much respect as well, brother :)

    2. I agree with defgav. No reason you can't appreciate both, and The Beatles made it possible for the Stones to come to the USA. Still have stacks of Beatles cards from the '60s.

  2. I will take your Michelle Steele mini. Perhaps it will find its way into my frankenmini set.

  3. Borealis please (if nobody else has claimed it).

    One of my goals is to go there and I'll see if I can get a pic with that card while seeing the real thing.

  4. May I please have the Isaac Newton? It's on my want list! :-)
    Not to be greedy, but I would take the "Dreadnought", too, if it is not otherwise spoken-for.
    Thank you!
    -Josh D.

    1. Not greedy at all. Sir Isaac and the Dreadnought are yours

  5. Can I claim the Kyle Petty? I had no idea he was even included in the set. I'd take any other ships if vehicles you may have as well...I run

    1. Kyle Petty for you, sir. I'll check a little deeper and see if I have any others.

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  7. I'm interested in the Falcon 9 card, if still available.