Friday, November 18, 2016

Today's a Sad Sandy Koufax Day in Dodgers History

Aloha, everybody, 

Do you know what today is in Dodgerdom? It's the 50th anniversary of the retirement of the greatest pitcher the Dodgers have ever known. 

Let's celebrate the memory of one of the greatest pitchers to EVER grace the diamond, with some of my favorite Koufax cardboard. 

Until I can afford a real Koufax RC, this Rookie Patch card will do. It's a real beauty. Below he looks great on this Topps Lineage stand up...

The Dodgers have had plenty of good pitchers over the years, some of the best ever, and Koufax leads them all. 

Sure he laid down the big stats with 4 no-hitters and a perfect game, but more importantly (from a team-standpoint) he dominated when it came to the World Series. 

Against the Minnesota Twins, Koufax pitched two shutouts, with 10 Ks in each. 

He struck out 15 against the Yankees in Game 1 of the WS, and then returned to complete the sweep a few days later. 

Below is one of my favorite post-career Koufax cards, a see-through limited 27/75...

Here's Sandy on multi-player cardboard, with some guys named Podres and Drysdale...

I could never afford a Koufax auto, so I had to rely on a pull. That came to me in a lucky box break from Community Gum. It's one of my favorite cards in my collection, Topps Archives Fan Favorites autograph... 

Fifty years ago, today...


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