Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Made a Target Run, Voted for More Cards!

Aloha, everybody, 

I made a quick dash to Target, so that also meant a quick dash to the cards aisle to see what I could see. This made my collector senses tingle...

I hadn't seen one of these before. The windows on the front and rear of the box showed packs of 2016 Gypsy Queen and Babe Ruth Collection were two of the four packs. Not a bad start. 

I was prepared for the 50 cards to be the usual repack suspects and wondered about that "bonus". The box didn't say "bonus autograph" or "game-used swatch" or anything like that, so I was curious about what their idea of a bonus was. That was enough for me. SOLD! 

Let's check out what I got. Leading off are those 50 repack cards...

At least I got one new Dodgers card. Stirrups! 

Thin Tony Gwynn! That'll work...

How about a member of the Big Red Machine? I'll take one of these all day long. 

Stirrups n' dust. That's much better than that strange vape smoke Topps used to obscure the 2016 product. 

As far as containing legitimate names out of the past, this little box delivered better than I expected. Here's Fergie Jenkins. 

Cubs this his final Topps issue? 

This slice of cardboard pops on a variety of levels - action photo, well-utilized horizontal space, smart use and placement of text, and a slick, shiny surface...

I got five cards from Topps Finest. Nice cards, boring players...

 Another handsome card of someone I don't collect. Hope you like Aramis, Matt. 

 While I know I'm not going to pull a Johnny Bench RC from these repacks, I'm not sure a lousy checklist from a lousy set should count against my 50 cards. 

This guy's card came in its own penny sleeve, like someone really cared about Abbott's chances in the bigs. 

In 1992 Abbott led the league! In home runs allowed, wild pitches, and losses. Ouch! 

Back to cool cards with cool players...

Finally, Ichiro!

Not a bad haul from the fifty. But stay tuned, because that's not all that was in my Target box. 

Next time: The four packs and a bonus. Aloha! 


  1. I really hate when they put junk wax checklists in repacks!

    1. Right! Those checklists are the worst!
      Some folks collect checklists...but not these.

  2. Pirate releases of Aramis Ramirez are always welcome!