Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Rockin' my Fridge with Vintage Custom Magnets

Aloha, everybody, 

I was one of the lucky Christmas recipients of a custom mini-magnet from Baseball Card Breakdown. Here's the magnet Gavin created...

That Jackie Robinson has joined the other custom magnets on my fridge, and I thought it would be cool to show off the rest of my now vintage, magnet collection. 

Back in the early 90's I was a regular at the Frank and Sons card show, which is where I ran into a vendor who created custom magnets. I figured if my boys' macaroni artwork could grace the door of the refrigerator, so could the legends of baseball.  

Back in those days, before chasing prospects and rookies was a thing, Mickey Mantle was the king of cardboard. 

Mantle cards were the holy grail. I wanted them, the magnet guy made a lot of them, and that was about the only way I was going to see Mantle in my collection, so I bought a few. 

Unfortunately, time has faded the colors, and some of the edges have been bent, but that's what happens to our cards over time as well. 

Here's one of my favorite Babe Ruth tribute cards on a magnet...

Of course, these aren't actual cards. The guy told me he cut pictures out of Beckett magazine to use as his images. 

Here's the Mick with friends...

They weren't all Mantles...

Finally, the biggest rookie card of the day...

Enough time has passed that these custom magnets can now be considered vintage. The macaroni art is gone, but my magnet collection is still going strong. Thanks to Gavin, it just grew by one more. 



  1. Pretty cool.

    I hope my customs (and magnets) don't end up with color issues, but I guess only time will tell.

    1. One big factor in my magnets fading was daylight as they were always exposed on the fridge door. I worry about my Jackie, so I might display it on the fridge for only a few months, and then move it to my binder.

  2. That is a cool collection. My daughter has a fascination with magnets so I have to keep the ones I like out of arms length.

    1. Haha,my boys are grown, but I still have to keep things out of their reach!