Saturday, October 7, 2017

What Was Lost, Is Now Found

Aloha, everybody, 

In my last post, I mentioned a surprise package that I received from mi hermano, Wes - which I had misplaced. 

It turns out the cards had been placed in a cabinet where I store my card shipping supplies. Perhaps by me, and then forgotten? This is very likely. 

The important thing is, they were found, and now I can give them their proper thanks in a post, before they are filtered into my binders. 

Leading off is Jackie in a mini variation. Sweet. 

Just like a surprise fistful of cards is sweet. You see, good ol' Wes doesn't blog as often as he used to, but the man hasn't left behind his generous ways of dropping cards on old friends (and hermanos). Wes just rolls like that, which is why blogging or not, he will always be one of my trading mentors and inspirations. 

Here's a blast from the past, from the days card companies were flailing about, trying to merge computer tech and the net with collecting. 

I checked the web address, which is now a dead end. *Sigh*

How about a great photo of Kenley Jansen on a  numbered card? 

With a card back that the stat-heads will love...

Here's a fantastic addition to my Pedro as a Dodger collection...

New Bowmans are always welcome...

New, shiny Bowmans even more so...

Here are some tribute cards...

This here's a copy of the '52 WS program cover...

Finally, a couple of very well preserved '87 Don Russ Opening Day Dodgers. Those '87s are always chipped around the edges, so I'm very happy to receive these upgrades. 

THANKS very much for the surprise cards, Wes! The pile I have for you is growing, but I want to make one more trip to the card show before mail day. 


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