Sunday, October 1, 2017

Dodgers Season Complete - Let's See Some Football Cards

Aloha, everybody, 

The Dodgers have sealed up their shot at the playoffs, and today's final game of the season is pretty much a throwaway, so I figured this would be a good time to show off some football cards that I recently picked up at the card show. 

The Rams are back in LA, and I'm giving them my allegiance since they were my team before moving away. That said, when the Rams left LA, I became a Raiders fan. 

The Silver and Black remain my number one team, and theirs are the cards I'm collecting. Of course, my favorite Raiders are the squad that brought a super bowl win to Los Angeles. That day at the show, I decided to pick up cards from that group, and even better if I could get the LA Coliseum as a backdrop. 

The Raiders had a few great QBs over their long and storied history. Unfortunately, they had some of their worst when they were in LA. They also had my personal favorite QB, Jim Plunkett. 

 Speaking of personal faves, here's my vote for the greatest RB of my generation. Mr. Marcus Allen. What a joy it was to watch this man run. Through my binocs, I watched Marcus squeeze through holes that I didn't think a mouse could get through. 

I wonder if there are any "Air Marcus" cards out there. I've got to get me one of those! 

Timmy Brown. Nuff said. 

And now my all-time favorite Raider. The man who's jersey I wore to every Raiders game...

The Legend...

 ...and his equally capable counterpart on the other end of the field.

While I wore Howie's jersey, my cousin (RIP) always wore Matt Millen's...

Unsung hero...

Finally, another legend...

Bo wasn't with the Super Bowl Raiders, but of course, he's gonna be in my collection. Boy, he was something to see in action as well. 

I saw very few of Bo's baseball games, but watched him just about every time he was on the football field. I was at the Coliseum when he suffered his career-ending injury. What a shame. 

Bo never seemed bitter or resentful that his playing days were cut short, so I'm sure not going to be. I'm just glad I had the pleasure of watching the man play. 



  1. Those 80s cards are pretty cool.

    So you collect Raiders you say? I might have some I can dig out for you at some point.

  2. I loved Plunkett and Haynes on the Pats. Plunkett used to get killed

    1. I followed Plunkett since junior high. Went to school with his cousin, who told me he was the QB at Stanford and one day he'll be in the NFL. It came true.

    2. Speaking of "Plunk used to get killed", I just read this story from August about Plunkett's body failing him and he's in constant pain:

  3. Great post! Would you be interested in working out a football card trade? I am a fan and collector of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I would like to unload some football cards and the Raiders are one team I have cards of to trade.

    1. I like your idea about a trade. I don't have any Steelers now, but I can see what I see at the card show. Shoot me an email with who you collect from the Steelers and I can search out cards for a trade.

    2. As for Steelers, I collect any player in a Steelers uniform and have a player collection of Jerome Bettis.

    3. I picked up some Steelers. I'll be shipping them out to you soon. Hope they're new for you.