Sunday, October 29, 2017

World Series Hero - Joc Pederson WHAT???

Aloha, everybody, 

I know it's tough to watch a World Series when your team isn't involved, but if you haven't been watching, you've been missing a doozy. This one is a real dogfight - both on and off the field. 

There's plenty of drama. Almost too much drama for me, as the series has been a real emotional roller coaster, and after all of that, the series is right back to even at two games apiece. It's now a best two out of three series. Whew! 

Most of you know I love cards of World Series Heroes, and last night, in Game 4 of the Series, there arose a couple of new ones. Alex Wood, who pitched brilliantly (a no-hitter through 5 2/3 innings) and Joc Pederson, who sealed the deal for the Dodgers by clubbing a 3-run home run in the ninth inning. 

Joc was always known for his power bat. He earned Minor League Player of the Year when he played for the Quakes. 

Rookie Diamond King...

Joc hit a grand slam on Opening Day this year. Hopes were high for him to have a break out season, but as the summer opened up, Joc's season took several turns for the worse. 

Since coming up from the minors two years ago, Joc was the Dodgers' center fielder. He flashed speed and a great glove in the OF, but his power numbers and BA steadily dropped. Despite that Opening Day grand slam, Joc looked lost at the plate. His playing time started to shrink. 

Eventually, the Dodgers sent Joc back down to the minors and traded for Curtis Granderson. The season turned dark. 

To Joc's credit, he never complained or sulked. He just put in the work and finally got called back up in September when rosters expanded. He still didn't play much. Granderson stayed in the lineup despite sucking, and Pederson stayed upbeat. If you watch Dodger games, you'll see he's a big cheerleader for the team, even as he rides the bench. 

Joc was left off the NLDS roster, but Granderson's suckage increased to monumental levels, so Joc got his chance in the NLCS against the Cubs. 

He got playing time and a few hits, but nothing earth-shattering. Still, it was enough for him to be included on the World Series roster. 

Dave Roberts chose Pederson to be the DH over veteran Andre Ethier because he figured Joc could catch up to fastballs that Andre would miss. 

How's Joc doing in his first World Series? As DH he went 3 for 9 with a double, two homers, four RBIs, and one huge deathblow that he laid on the Astros last night. 

Not bad, kid. Not bad at all. 



  1. Great line. " Granderson's suckage "

  2. If you made it through that series with no major heart issues and minimal suicidal thoughts, I commend you!

    1. Geez. It was a brutal series. Can't wait to do it again next year!