Saturday, January 13, 2018

Finally Getting my Trade Posts In Order

Aloha, everybody, 

This post will finally get me all caught up on cards that came to me way back in 2017. I've received some new 2018 goodies in the mail, and I'll be getting those up soon. Although, tonight is poker night, so there's a good chance I won't be posting anything tomorrow, as I'll be sleeping in. 

That said, let's get to checking out this nice little batch of cards that came to me from Tom and The Angels in Order

Tom sent some mini stamps/stickers that I've never seen before. I really dig this one with Fernando and ?? The back is completely blank, so I can't identify it. 

I'm familiar with Fernando's cardmate here; I know the face, but the name is escaping me. It'll take about 30 seconds for you all to ID the man, so I would appreciate the help. 

Another from the same set - of course, I'm definitely able to identify Tommy. 

Shelby was an unsung Dodger, and a former favorite of mine...
 Andy Messersmith paired up with Don Sutton to form a lethal one-two pitching punch back when I was a kid. 

Here's Davey Lopes slapping out a single on a sunny day, before a shirt sleeve crowd. 

Bill Buckner in the happier times - before the words "little nubber" would haunt him in the middle of the night...

These Dodgers happily chipped away at my team set needs. 

Finally, a much-needed Penguin to round out the package. 

THANKS for the great additions, Tom. Much appreciated! 



  1. That's Warren Spahn with Valenzuela.

    1. My spider senses told me it was Spahn. Thanks for the confirmation.

  2. The stickers are 1982 Fleer Album Stickers. Glad you liked the stuff, and honored to be the post that you all caught up.