Friday, December 2, 2011

Trade with The Obsessed One

Completed a trade with jeff over at my sports obsession.  this was one of a wave of trades i made over the last 2 weeks. it was absolutely great to come home and find trade packages waiting for me.  i really was like a little kid feeling the joy of getting something in the mail. 
the original trade was for jeff to send me a mini-hank aaron - the legit home run king and some of his conlons. he tossed in a few extra dodgers - SWEET dodger cards, including one that was a childhood dodger hero to me...

i absolutely love these conlons. they're not full of foil or questionable furniture leg relics, but the sets are definitley chock full of great old-time baseball photography.  besides, where else am i gonna get cards form these classic HOFers without paying an arm and a leg?
 jeff helped me to get my first dodgers 'ex' card.  :)

totally digging this one with another couple of past dodger heroes.

check it out -  got his mitt shoved into his back pocket.

heres another look at one of those old-time mitts

THIS is the card of my childhood dodger hero. it seemed like manny ALWAYS got the needed pinch hit in the ninth.  dig old time dodger stadium in the background.  the outfield walls had not been whored out by evil mccourt yet.

jinxed manager. will NEVER manage a world series winner

more old time dodger stadium. thanks for the great trade and cool cards, jeff.


  1. I love baseball history and old timey players so the Conlon Collection is one of my favorites to go through. So much information about players that you never hear about, its great!

  2. right. there's some labeled "great stories". flip it and the back tells about riding on trains between cities or gettin' drunk and pitchin' with one eye closed, but striking out 17. eating straw hats. good times.

  3. A great trade on both sides, glad you enjoyed them.