Saturday, December 31, 2011

Trade With Rhubarb_Runner

A hero between the lines and in the hobby.  reprint goodness.

these next 2 are gonna fit right in on my 500 HR Club pages

one of the blog brothers out there has a pc with about 10,000 russel martin cards. i gotta have one he don't with this oddballity.

slowly but surely building a nice group of these HOF's

piazza was one of those guys on a million cards back in the day. i love seeing new ones.
i love even more adding new ones to my collection.  as always - THANKS for the trade, Rhubarb !!


  1. haha, that is indeed a Martin I don't have.

  2. Did I do alright? I never know. Thanks again for the trade, though!

    (And Greg, I have more of those ;-)

  3. very cool trade, rhubarb. it's a good start to what i'm sure will be a good string of trades.