Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa's Package is coming to YOU...

hey everybody, i've been talking trades with several of you over the past week and i finally got over to the post office today.  i dropped off several trade packages for y'all.  Cards are on the way to:

kyle over at juuust a bit outside

 david the rhubarb_runner

greg the night owl  
you mentioned ismael valdes in your post about our last trade, so i found a laser valdes for you... ( i packed it before i scanned it, so i had to snatch a pic from another site - "please visit for all your online purchases and tell them stealing home sent you."  OK, lawyers??

the wicked hombre over at  the cardboard don

and last, but far from least...ryan over at the great orioles autograph project

enjoy your cards everybody...and for everyone else...a quick reminder from another one of santa's helpers...

BE GOOD Y'ALL ! SANTA'S least, he's always watchin' me.

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