Thursday, December 8, 2011

Contest Winnings from $30 a Week Habit

A couple of weeks ago I won a contest over at Robert's $30 a Week Habit .  It was my first (and to this point, only) contest win. I was really jazzed about it, and here's the post with my sweet loot.  THANKS, ROBERT !! 
part of my loot was a couple of rack packs of lineage. i'm a big fan of the old time players from that set. i caught some luck in my packs, and here's the first of my old time HOFers.  whats with those strings on his mitt ? is that an early attempt at webbing? wow

the other part of my prize was name my favorite team and he would take care of me.  now presenting what robert considers 'taking care' of contest winners: Absolute First Class all the way.  

here's another pull from my lineage packs. one of the other subsets i dig from lineage are these rookies. what an awesome pull.

dang my dying scanner ! this is george sisler from the cardinals. you think he woulda dumped st. louis like pujols did? would you? 

yet even more contest winning goodness. MVP card, steve garvey, with GU bat relic. i just know the garv sent one sailin' out of the ravine with this bat.

BOOOO, i say BOOOOO ! gnats cards aside, thanks again for the contest and the fantastic cards, robert.

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