Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Break Loot from the Dimwit's Place

hey everybody.  happy hump-day.  seems everyone's posting thier loot from the break over at the Daily Dimwit.   I made out OK with my boys in blue, but once again, the story was my great luck with my randomized team.  It happened before in a big way with the rangers, also with the O's, and now a decent haul for the padres. 
in addition to the cards below, there were some cool round-cut, baseball shape cards.  i forgot to scan them, but i'll be sure to include them in rod's padre package. 
 i contacted rod over at padrographs to offer him first dibs, and sure enough, he accepted.  here's rod's new padres, and a chance for everyone to see the cool cards that went out from dimwit's break. get in on the next one, as he includes some great product.  comin' soon will be the post of my Dodgers loot from the break. (some of those went out to the night owl yesterday)   see ya ! 

totally digging this design...not so much the dude on the card. 

throwback sets and throwback jerseys !

can't spell padres without g-w-y-n-n

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