Saturday, March 31, 2012

Discount Blaster Keepers

I know, the trade bait to come out of that 20 packs fer 20 bucks discount box wasn't mind-blowing, but it was definitely fun to rip all those packs.  I was also able to pull a few cool cards to add to my collection.   Here's what stuck....

I'm a fan of world series heroes.  Then again, who aint?  Maz definitely belongs in this club, as he's the only guy EVER to fulfill the dream of millions of american boys.  No, not to hit dat ass (fill in your generation's buxom bombshell).  I mean the other dream, he's the only player EVER to win a WS with a walk off the Game 7.  
here's some pics from that great feat.  among things we'll never see again, like a Game 7 in the day time, is the spontaneous outpouring of celebrating fans spilling onto the field.  Is it just me, or does that ralph kramden bus driver dude in the final photo look like a yankee fan looking to clock that pirates SOB a good one so's he never touches home plate?

an awesome russell martin in action

speakin' of the boys in blue...the back of this card convinces me KG jr. did not say beans.  it rattles off details about kershaw being a 7th round pick, and his ERA and WHIP stats from the farms.  Real heavy on dates and percentiles.  junior says?  stealing home says...yeh, right.

another HOF'er i collect. this is a cool miiiinnnnnnnnniiiiii

more baseball royalty

no, i'm not a rivera collector, but i respect his accomplishments - and, i'm a fan of false scarcity.

i just gotta have a card of ricky celebrating himself.  i would not put it past him to have brought this display onto the field himself, so we can all bask in the glory that is ricky henderson.

one more for my collection of the greatest catcher ever

final card, my first pull-evah-of the bambino. naturally, the card's a home run. 


  1. I say this every time I see 'em... man I miss Masterpieces.

  2. you got that right, buddy. i didn't collect em first time around, but they're beautiful cards