Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Happy Saturday Trade Posts

hey everybody, my fellow bloggers and respected readers.  you may ask yourself why is this trade post so happy?  it's because i've realized that although the semester has been so busy that i hardly ever have time to post, my mailbox is still staying active with trade packages sent and received, and that makes me a happy blogero. 

before i forget...i got one mystery package, from gregory in thurmont, maryland.  it's a mystery because i can't remember putting together a trade with you, greg, or place a blog to your name.  the mailing label has a last name, but i'm not gonna publish it here.  here's the second part of the mystery - the envelope was empty ! whatever you thought you sent to me wasn't in the envelope, brother.  it wasn't damaged or antything, just sealed up empty. ????????  if you read this greg, contact me. onto the cards...

first up is a couple of cards from sam over at the daily dimwit .  i sent over a marilyn card for sam's wife, and a few astros for him. hope those astros filled some holes in your collection, buddy.  i got these cool redemption cards of a couple of guys i can't have too many cards from...

next up are a couple of cards from my long-time trading partner, kyle, over at JABOs .  he got a nice chrome of some cub named castro, and i got these cool kemps...

i'm a real sucker for these stand-ups

willie mays is one of those extremely rare hated ones that i might grudgingly respect, like will clark or matt williams, but he makes it way too easy to not because i hear he's quite a jerk just like little barry.  nice role-modeling, 'say hey'.

last up for this post is my first trade with super cool trader brian at play at the plate . how did it take us this long to finally get a trade going, dude?  i sent over some rangers loot that i scored on from a group break, and he sent a tall stack of Dodgers and some other HOFers. what follows are just some of the highlights from brian...

this 'fractor is so cool, i don't even know what kind it is

love the concept on this beltre card

just a few days ago, somebody mentioned having a few extra saxxy RC's available, and then one drops into my lap.  moose marshall included on this card is a nice bonus

how about dee gordon looking like he's 9 years old ? totally digging this one

i got a couple of new piazzas. here's one.

a very nice and shiny early beltre

 my schmidt PC is filling out nicely, thanks to you fellow traders.

in a new role as closer, a nolan ryan from a very nice set. 

THANKS for the trades, everybody ! looking forward to yet even more..

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