Monday, March 19, 2012

Discount Blasters Trade Bait and An Awesome Hit

hey everybody. was that a humdinger of a season finale for 'the walking dead',  or what ??!!   zombies, zombie killing ninjas, gore, more zombies over running farms !! rednecks on hogs shootin' zombies ! whew !

now onto baseball cards..   all of my fellow bloggers have been chasing and opening the newest heritage and opening day issues - BTW, is it me, or did topps flagship fall off the map incredibly fast?  i've enjoyed reading your reviews, but i've had to swim in the waters of the low budgets, so no new heritage for me (yet).  no worries as last year's blasters are being discounted and moved out.  that's where i come in.

i picked up some cards priced to go.  let's see how i did.  i scored the usual base cards to fill team packets for my fellow blogonauts, and i also pulled a few nice ones.  i managed one major hit for my PC, which will come at the end of the post.  here we go with today's trade bait ....

sparkly blue beauty of a card


i got a couple of minis.  N.O., do u need?

2 of these starquest: ichiro, and below, the captain

how about these old timers

check out jimmie's eyes. just what did he spy over there?

i'm not a big pujols fan by any means, but i love good baseball photography.  this is an awesome shot.

i caught a coupla orange waves

BOOOOO !! for all variations of giants

the iron man plaque is some kinda tin (?) or hand forged steel (?)

home run derby goodness

a very cool 3-D thingy
 you might ask, aside from these and the commoners, dont i wanna keep anything for meself?  indeed, the following cards are going straight to my binder...

a crisp and clean blue refractory brooks robinson !

men with bats

legends of the game.  any gherig is awesome.  and any card with teddy ballgame, as well.  i dig this military issue pride of the marines card. big payoff for gambling on last year's goods.  i'm very happy.  presenting, mr. bob gibson...

a mini ! with a swatch ! appropriately aged cloth with a hint of stripe in the texture. check me, expert blogger detectives - i believe gibson is pitching at Dodgers Stadium !  a sweet score.


  1. That is a great shot of Pujols/Verlander.

    BTW, if you need any Heritage, I'm giving away everything I pulled. Just go here...

  2. N.O.- i added them to your package, which should go out tomorrow (and thanks).

    topher - yup. the look oon verlander's face is priceless.

    card don - sorry, that one's my keeper.

    greg - thanks ! much appreciated.