Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Grote Handel ! :)

hey everybody,

whew ! finals week is over !!  i can breathe a bit and get back to devoting some time to my humble little blog.  while some of you MUST write - as evidenced in the last bat-around under that theme - i don't exactly fall into that category.   I can't weave columns around cardboard like some of you, nor can i deconstruct years and cards like another some of you.  heck, i don't even use proper capitals and punctuation half the time.   that said, i gotta admit, the past week, i really missed updating and sharing what's going on in my collecting world with all of you.

first up is a bit of news for a couple of my trading partners who are fans of division rivals, arpsmith  and marcus all the way over at the backstop.  i was swamped last week, guys, but i dropped your packages in the mail this afternoon.  check yer mailboxes soon.

So here comes a couple of posts about my most recent couple of trades. first up was my second trade across the oceans, with my new european friend, The Dutch Card Guy.  He posted a cool Gary Sheffield card that began our trade talks.  i got that Sheffield and a hunka cool Dodgers cards.  Let's check em out...

here's a great shot of The Master Of The House peering in and getting the sign.

the Dodger's stats guys tell us we've had something like 30 third basemen (now 31?) since beltre left us.  *sigh*

here's the card that started this trade rolling.  simple, but cool card design.  i've got a bat relic and now a swatch. i guess i just need an auto for a trifecta, right?

i'm not so sure about this jeff kent card.  it kinda looks like he's playing 'dance,dance revolution', but i just can't see grumpy ol' kent cooperating with those light squares at all. 

of course, even the guys over there in the land of the windmills know that i love me them cool nomo cards.  this scan doesnt come close to showing off the nice 90's shine.

here's a cool close up of nomo's focus. i'm digging the ROY foil, but notsomuch the side of the swimming pool effect.

only mama can truly appreciate this one.  here's the real story: what's with that rustic farmhouse in the background?

these cards look pretty sharp.  i'm becoming a fan of this SP brand. 

 next post: my trade with play at the plate.  THANKS for reading !


  1. Glad you like the cards !! I do suspect some Google translate when looking at your title (I guess putting in "Big Trade") as it is a nice combination of correct Dutch words which in this combination do not make much sense :-)

    Looking forward to the next try (and trade of course!!). Thanks for the trade !

    1. LoL - you saw right through that, brother. guess i fouled that one off with google translate. at least you got the idea ;)

  2. As a Braves fan, I feel you about not having a first baseman. From the time Texeira left till 2011, that was us.

  3. yeh - it's the worst. it's hard to believe there's nobody in the minors who's good enough to fill the slot for a few years. but then again, 1st and 3rd are traditional power hitter spots, so defense plus power is the key.
    at least you guys have had chipper kicking ass over there for the past 50 years.