Sunday, May 27, 2012

Group Break Trade Bait

hey everybody,

happy memorial day eve.  before i talk about miniscule stuff like baseball cards,  i wanna take a moment to acknowledge and thank all of our men and women in the service, past and present, who paid the ultimate sacrifice of life and limb for all of us. THANKS ! a million thanks...

now, some cardboard i picked up in a group break over at, where else would one get some fine cardboard, Cardboard Collections.  i grabbed a couple of teams that i don't usually, because the checklists were showing some great autos i was hoping to catch.  the way things turned out, i didn't get any autos, but i'm sure i can trade away at least one of the teams - the hated yankees.  i'm not gonna post what i pulled in from them, because i'm pretty much just setting those cards aside for the dutch card guy. 

 my second team was the red sox.  although i've seen a couple of red sox bloggers out there, i haven't got a designated red sox trader, so here comes a post hoping to pimp out these cards. check em out...

HOF, AL MVP, retired number #14 by red sox

major league moustache

Won Loss record 78-77  scoreboard, baby !

if you squint your eyes just right, that red sox logo looks like it's bouncing right through buckner's legs.

this cool donruss set was included

i didn't even know david cone played for the red sox

i also caught a couple of great extra cards...

a cool numbered card

a very cool die cut. i always seem to get these from other teams, so i'm stoked to finally get a Dodger.

here's my new super cool nomo card !  fantastic !

it was a great break.  everybody get over there for the next affordable group break. THANKS for a fun break and the great extra cards ! 

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