Sunday, May 20, 2012

Late Night Vintage Trade Bait Preview

hey everybody,

how did your teams do this weekend?  I'm glad to say the Dodgers passed another test and SWEPT - yup - SWEPT last year's WS champs, the st. louis cardinals. 

I was wondering what would happen when these guys rolled in to Chavez Ravine, as they were leading thier division, they score a ton of runs, and our team was steadily making the local medical and rehab industry rich(er) with our mounting injury list. 

in case you missed it, our pitching in the first 2 games of the series absolutely shut their butts down.  today, despite our number 2 starter who pitches like a number 5 starter, chad billingsley's efforts to throw the game away (doing as he does so well, turning a 2-0 lead into a 5-2 deficit)  the Boys in Blue stepped it up as a team, stopped the bleeding of runs, and came from behind with an awesome pinch hit 3 run home run  to retake the lead 6-5.  the bullpen then took charge, stopped the cards and the sweep of last years champs was complete.  who's next ! ??

that all said - i've decided to try and drum up some card collecting funds by moving some cards on ebay - or maybe comc - but before i do that, i wanna give my blogger buddies and loyal readers the first shot at trading for some of it.  i'd rather trade to improve my collection, and i want my cards to go to you all out there rather than some speculative e-buyer.

presenting here a small preview, because it's late and most of you bloggers on the least coast are sleeping.
here's a couple from a subset that's near and dear to my heart.  in honor of the Babe's jersey selling today for $4.4 million,  who better to start off with than the Bambino....

this subset was found in '62 topps.   the cards featured the Babe's early beginnings up through his fabulous career and into his twilight seasons coaching with the Dodgers, and his final appearance at yankee stadium.  a great subset we should all own. 

i bought the whole set from a local card shop for the incredible price of $20.  no, the cards were not chewy or 'well-loved'.  they were/are in very nice condition.  to this day i can't believe that score.  these are leftovers from when i was chasing it one card at a time. 
 next post: more vintage !


  1. I've always wanted a vintage Ruth, and this is the easier decade in which to accomplish that goal haha. shoot me an e-mail, still have that '71 Sutton to start with. the twilight years Ruth interests me.

    1. OK, Greg. I'll get an email out to you later tonight or tomorrow. Keep an eye out.