Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vintage Trade Bait

hey everybody,

i was gonna post this a lot earlier, but i couldn't stop watching the AWESOME comeback by the Dodgers tonight !  at first down 5-0, and then 6 -1, we kept clawing back to win our 6th game in a row.  what a game, what a team.  every night a different hero steps up.  dee gordon got back into the lineup tonight, after being benched a few games by the skipper, mattingly.  although he didnt do much with his bat tonight, we saw that great defense that we (of the Dodger Blue persuasion) know he has inside,  including his turning an incredible double play throw sideways - in midair - to seal the win.  absolute sweetness.  :D

back to trade bait business...

as i mentioned in my last post, i'm gonna be putting up some vintage for trade.  although i don't make any crazy claims like we see on ebay that all of this trade bait is nm/mint, i can safely say you're not gonna see many chewed up, origami cards .  however, i make no claims against chewy scans.

while lots of my blogging brethren sing the praises of 'well-loved' vintage, and despite the fact that i'm starting to understand those praises, most of my vintage collecting goals have centered around a mantra similar to the real estate version of "location, location, location".   for vintage collecting, i'm generally a believer in "condition, condition, condition".

how about three - count em -  THREE HOFers on one card.  imagine being a national league pitcher facing these guys in the all star game. but then again, we had Don Drysdale on our side, and he got the win.

\i don't have the kind of budget that's gonna allow me to even look at the cards under the glass case at the card show.  however, when i get the chance to hit the show, it's my pleasure to find some vintage in pretty nice shape for an affordable price.

Rookie of the year, 2,766 hits, 506 stolen bases, 13 times all-star, 9 gold gloves. need i say more?

let's face it, while most of us don't collect as an investment, we all understand old-time vintage of old-time HOFers is only gonna increase in value - and that aint a bad thing, right? 

like i said...chewy scans are a definite possibility.  don't worry too much about the washed out appearance. the card's sitting inside a thick screw down case (screw visible right-hand side).  if anybody asks, i will certainly take it out and rescan it.

hey look, they were called the nationals in the old days too!  ramos pitched for 15 years, but maybe his big claim to fame is serving up the pitch that mickey mantle famously banged off the top deck facade of (the old) yankee stadium. 

does it look to anybody else like randolph is rockin a 'terminator x' baseball cap?

(i consider cards from 1980 downward to qualify as vintage)  on to molitor: First ballot HOF, .306 lifetime batting average, over 3,000 hits, 1,300 ribbies, 506 SBs, WS MVP, brewers retired his #4. 

didja know:  rod carew was born in the panama canal zone, on a moving train. he was delivered by a doctor (named rodney) who happened to be on that train.  his mom then named him rodney, after that traveling doctor.    the cobra, big dave parker (as vinny called him) was the first player to get a contract that paid a million every year.  he won the home run derby in 1985.

who don't like floating heads?
how cool is it to be named 'dutch'?  oh yeah, the dutch card guy knows. 

finally, the chewiest one of the bunch, but the closest i can get to affordable vintage from teddy ballgame.  what can i tell you baseball lovers about williams that you dont already know?  so i leave you with a reminder of what he did in his final at bat...what else, the greatest hitter of all time blasted a home run.

look for more vintage trade bait coming up...


  1. The Ted Williams and the Babe Ruths (from today and yesterday) would look nice in my collection.

    I'll see what I can dig up to offer you.

  2. cool, dude. looking forward to see what we can cook up.

  3. I'm digging the '68 Kaline. I think I might have a nice vintage Dodger or two to send in return.

  4. thats great hoff...let me know when you find something. its been too long since we last traded.

  5. If Dhoff doesn't take that 68 Leaders card, I have a 64 Topps Dodgers Take Third Straight for you. Do you have any other 68 Topps?

    Stealing Home, just posted some trade bait Dodgers cards last week.