Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Binder Page Heroes 1

hey everybody,

today i launch a new series of posts here at ATBATT.

in this Binder Page Heroes series, i'll be posting the (ever-evolving) pages of my collecting binders.  I currently have 2 such binders, Dodgers and non-Dodgers.  yup, thats it, only 2.

i've seen some of you super collectors out there with closets and boxes and laundry bins chock full o' cards.  while i do have a couple of milk crates full of designated trade bait cards, these two binders contain my favorites.  that's my discipline.

i'm hoping this series will accomplish a few things simultaneously:

1. i'll share my personal card collection with all of you who equally love cards and our hobby, and hopefully it'll spawn some interesting card chatter, or at least an assorted comment or two.

2. of course, in keeping with the theme of ATBATT, all of the cards are available for trade, but some cards will understandably command a more robust trade offer than others.  for example, it will take less for me to trade a '94 triple play frank thomas and more for my 'Dodger Southpaws' Koufax and Podres card.  simply be creative, and all things are negotiable.

3.  the most important goal though, is to make these posts interesting and fun reading for all of you.

let's begin with the non-Dodgers binder.  this first page is a bit of a hodge-podge, but then again, so is my collection, so no better starting point:

Binder Page Heroes #1 

i'm chasing this 61 fleer set, but i'm pretty sure i'll be passing down this chase to my kids.

Hughie was once a Dodger.  He was also player-manager for detroit from 1907 until 1920, and he won three pennants !  you go hughie, with those baby blues.

another tiger legend

i received this mini in a trade package.  i would hardly call it a card, as its printed on a single sheet of paper, with absolutely nothing on the back. i was almost going to toss it as i thought it was just a cheap xerox job.  thanks to my blogger brethren, someone posted an explanation that this is part of a real set release.  at present, it escapes me who wrote about it.

way to rock one of the ugliest unis ever.

got 2 certain hall of famers? check.  2 cool bat relics? check.  2 of the most popular guys to play the game? check.  2 guys loyal to their respective teams? check. got awesome awesomeness? CHECK !

classic shot of a classic HOFer.  diggin the old time batting helmet.

of course a binder page heavy with padres gotta have a tony gwynn RC.  once so young.

this is a great 90's insert. english and spanish text on the rear. the gold detail shines like all 90's insert gold should.

that's it for now, folks. thanks for reading.

Next Post: Binder Page Heroes 2


  1. Very cool, sir! I'm diggin' the randomness factor. I'm afraid if I were to do something similar for my collection, I'd go crazy trying to locate a certain card. Of course, I'm borderline OCD, so this method is probably out of the question for me anyways.

    I'm looking forward to seeing future pages!

    1. thanks for the commentary, mark.

      actually, most of my binder pages carry some kinda theme. hopefully, we'll notice a method to my madness as the posts go on.

      i appreciate your reading !