Friday, August 3, 2012

What The World Can Learn From Card Bloggers

 jeffrey over at Cardboard Catastrophies  busted a box of fleer greats of the game a couple weeks ago and i was stoked. i think the base cards look great and the lineup rocks.  here's hoping that someone will include a box of that in an upcoming group break.

 everybody knows i'm a bona fide Dodgers collector - i'll take our bench scrubs over the padre bench scrubs any day - but i'm also a bona fide HOF collector also.  i followed the fleer posts to see if anything great would pop up for a trade.  sure enough, something did.  when i saw this card, i hadda have it for my first mike schmidt bat relic.

 however, i didnt have anything that matched jeffrey's wantlist and i figured i would have to wait till next time to get my hands on some scmidtty batitude.

lo and behold - the bat card arrives in my mail.  i promptly wrote to jeffrey reminding him i didn't see anything in his wantlists and asking him to name a team or a player so's i can return the favor and close the deal.  

what followed in the reply email was yet another example of blog generosity and a general philosophy of cool that we enjoy here in our community and i wish was much more widespread.

"...I was on the verge of throwing it in a box and forgetting about it.  I didn't see much sense in that when someone wants it.  Enjoy. "

how about that?

thanks, jeffrey.  i'll keep my eyes open for something you'll like, and i'll definitely pay it forward for someone else down the road.

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