Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Topps Diamond Giveaway Delivery

so who remembers the Topps Giveaway from so long ago?  lots of us participated and posted the cards received, but i held out till the bitter end trying to trade into even better cards. 

i was eventually able to trade for a cool davey lopes card that was apparently popular with lots of other folks, because i kept getting offers from people who wanted it. 

when all was said and done, i had about 25 cards in my 'card vault' but i didn't want to pay shipping on all those, so i settled on just a few, and here they are...

heres the Lopes card that was so popular.  great card but it is a bit of a miscut.

just what the heck is going on here?

this penguin card is definitely not for trade :)

this is another era of baseball photography that i really dig.  sure, today's cards are all shot crystal clear with digital cameras, but there's something about the graininess and depth of field in this era's photos that i love.  kinda like the big screen epic movies of the the past versus todays films.

Ferguson made the greatest throw EVER in a WS game (maybe ANY game)! click on the red link to see it.  i was lucky enough to catch it on TV when it happened.  it still stands as one of THE greatest WS plays i've ever seen. 

that's my topps loot !  thanks for reading !


  1. hey Brian - do you know that Ferguson play ? if not, check out the video and you'll see an awesome play at the ol' plate.