Monday, August 13, 2012

This Way To A Great Trade

...and the trades just keep coming.  i'm very happy to post about the first trade between myself and Mark from This Way To The Clubhouse.   Mark runs a great blog over there.  the layout is cool, i enjoy his writing, and as you will see below, he's an awesome trader.  check out the highlights, but if you're in a rush and only have time to see one, scroll to the bottom and see the last card.  it inspired our trade, and it's a real cool addition for my Dodgers of the the PED era collection...

mark sent over a great batch of cards with old time baseball heroes like maris, and good ol' number 42.

here's a cool art card from fleer 95.

here's some great examples of topps getting it right on the reprints.  mark's inclusion of this clemente from 2012 archives was a great surprise.  nice addition, mark !

here's a great carda tha bambino.  what makes it extra awesome is this card features the babe as a red soxer - before that accursed trade.  the rear of the card tells about something most of us dont know or tend to forget: before the babe was known as a home run smasher, his claim to fame was being a kick-ass southpaw pitcher for the beantown boys.  check out the full on suits and ties being rocked in the stands. 

mark tossed in lots of cool Dodger cards that were new for me

this card tells about some of Jackie's world series exploits.  Jackie is one of only 12 players to steal home in the fall classic.  my added tidbit - he stole home on a pure steal, not at the end of a double steal or a squeeze play.

an awesome reprint of killer killabrew !

i've seen this card around the blogs and ebay.  although i collect koufax, i was unimpressed with it.  now that i have it in person, i see this is actually quite a nice looking card.  the back taught me that Koufax's 14 K's are the MOST EVER in any perfect game.  but of course. 

one last coupla very nice cards. i especially dig the babe ruth. 

for those of you who read to the end, or scrolled quickly to see my favorite - here's the card that spawned the deal. it looked cool at 'the clubhouse' , it looks absolutely awesome in my collection..

THANKS for a great trade, Mark !

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  1. The pleasure was all mine, sir! I'm happy these cards have found a perfect home...