Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Set Potched - Wheelered - Dealered - NAILED !

Hey everybody,

This is the reason I started ATBATT and this is the reason our hobby and it's participants are AWESOME!

I've been chasing a pretty dang cool vintage subset - the 1976 edition of The Sporting News' All-Time All-Stars - for quite some time.   However, one little card had been standing between me and completion.  Sure, I could have found one on the bay (a quick search shows I can snatch one up for $5 to $10), but clicking "Buy now" just isn't the kind of fun that I got involved in our hobby to have.

I think you know what I mean.  We've all done it. Checking around the local card shows, diving into boxes hoping to make that GREAT FIND.  You know the feeling...blissfully sifting through cards, occasionally stopping to ooh and ahh over something you hadn't seen before, or slowing to internally smile and say to yourself, "Heh, I've got that one."

When suddenly...THERE IT IS !  The card you need, or almost as exciting,  the card you didn't know you needed until you saw it.  Man, that's the juice right there!

That didn't happen for me this time.  But what did happen was equally as good, perhaps even better.  You know the story...some guy halfway around the country who loves cardboard just as much as you do realized he has the card you need, or he sees it himself at a card show a thousand miles away from you, and he grabs it in order to help you out in your card quest, because he's cool like that.

Enter Cool Like That Potch, from Potch Wheeler And The Cardboard Heroes.    Naturally, the guy from the cardboard heroes site noticed I needed one cardboard hero myself, and he sent it out to me. YAHOOO !!!    Enough intro already.  Here's the card...

The previously elusive Mr. Hornsby with his mitt stuffed into his back pocket.

Here's his buddies, the rest of the set.  altogether these guys make up an awesome team.  We have the infield, outfield and 2 pitchers, one a righty, and one a southpaw. 

Mission Accomplished, Set Complete 

Ordinarily that one card would have been enough, but Potch bein' Potch tossed in a coupla piles (and I mean PILES) of other baseball heroes of the Dodger Blue variety.  Here's just a few of the highlights...

A new Piazza!  Coooool!   How about that mug?  I think he gave a face like this to Clemens when that punk tossed a piece of bat at him in the WS.  

Remember when Dee Gordon's 2011 Topps issue personified "Dodger double play"?  I now present Eric Young's bid for that title.

A new Bulldog card.  Suddenly yellow on a card works. 

One of my all-time favorite Dodger shortstopsThe more things change, the more they remain the same...infielders still love to keep gloves in thier back pockets.

 Potch tossed in a great bunch of Dodgers form the 80's and 90's.  Although I liked the stars as much as anybody, I also liked to cheer for some of the lesser known guys and the utility players.  Here's a few of my past favorites...

Of course, in receiving as many cards as Potch sent, there's going to be one or two guys who I forgot were actually Dodgers.  For example...

Raw Sewage?

Jokes aside, what a great trade.  I got lots of cards from my favorite team, and of course, the clincher...the final card I needed, courtesy of my newest Cardboard Hero, Potch.

THANKS for a great trade, Potch, and THANKS for reading everybody!

BTW: If you see this, Night Owl, I am happy to request the removal of my quest from the One Card Challenge at your blog.   Everybody else, I encourage you to stop by that section of Night Owl's blog and help a fellow collector in finding that one last card.  

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the great write-up! Got your cards in the mail today. Awesome stuff - sent you an email. Should put up a post before too long.