Saturday, February 2, 2013

When Dodger Bloggers Collide - Trades Explode!

Hey everybody,

Last week the Dodgers held their Fanfest, which a couple of the other bloggers out there wrote about.  You can see Speigel's Nomo's Sushi Platter post here , and Greg's Plashke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle post here.  

Although I was there, I chose not to stand around all day at Linefest, so I broke off to enjoy my Saturday in other ways.  But that was not before I had a great time meeting a few of the other LA-based Dodger bloggers, shooting the breeze for a bit (while standing in the longest line I have ever seen for anything in my life) and engaging in a "Pile o' Cards Swap" with Speigel.

One would think that when one Dodger collector hands another Dodger collector a couple of  piles of cards that it would be anticlimactic.  I mean, we collect the same team, and thus the same players, so it would seem most of what we trade would be boring repeats, right?  One could not be more wrong.  While a few were repeats, the vast majority were brand new to me.

Speigel handed me a GREAT variety.  Shiny cards, miiiiiinnnnniiiiiis, Dodger legends, MLB legends, oddball cards, new issues, flash in the pans, today's stars and HOFers.  What a great hunka cards.  Let's check out a few...

I got at least 5 new Nomo cards for my collection. This one is a beauty.

This card reminds me of the 55 Bowman "TV" set.  Really thick card stock on this one.

A nice framed piece.  Paulie hit the only inside-the-park home run that I ever witnessed. He line drove it into the right field corner and he was off to the races!

A new Piazza!  What a cool photo.  Piazza's wearing the Dean Man's Number patch for Tim Crews.

Awesomme Gehrig!

Here's a miiiinnnnniiiii Mike!

Here's a nice shot.  Overall, a great card, but that obnoxious trademark "R" has gotta go.

Here's a great shot of Sciosca wearin' the tools of ignorance - at Spring Training, perhaps? Note the "Yeager Special" neck protector hanging from the catchers mask.  Everyone wore those after Steve Yeager took a broken bat to the throat.  I saw that on TV.

How about this cool Hideki Kuroda card!

I'm not a Juan Pierre fan, but this card is awesome for this photo of the rabbit looking for his chance to break. 

Speaking of awesome - here's a Kershaw I never saw before!

did somebody order shiny and sparkly?

Another great Nomo.  This trade was so great, even the cards themselves had lurkers attached to their backs.

Closing out with a great new addition to my Don Sutton collection.

THANKS for a great trade, Speigel! and THANKS for reading, everyone. 


  1. Love that Pee Wee card. Got to get that.

    The Kuroda card is a hoot, too.

    1. Both of those were totally new to me. The Kuroda is from 2008 Topps Trading Card History and the Reese is from 2003 Fleer Ultra When It was A Game.

      They look great in hand.

  2. Great to finally meet up in person. The stack you gave me has many gems as well. Thanks for the trade.

  3. Great cards! Especially dig the Nomos, Kuroda, and Piazza.