Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Night Trade Bait

Hey Everybody -

Last post I mentioned that I sprung for a few assorted packs.  I bought some 2013 Topps, cuz I dig those die-cuts and I'm still trying to pull one for myself.  In addition to those, I bought a few discounted 2010 and 2011 packs.  I got a whole mess of cards to add to various team piles, and no earth shattering hits, but I caught some subset cards that might be useful to those of you chasing them.  

Starting off with a coupla reprints...

In a week that featured the talk about Topps' scrubbing of Pete Rose, I managed to pull exactly one of the cards that was cited in the discussion.  Anybody out there chasing that History of Topps subset?

These cards are awesome. I'd chase this set myself, but I hardly see them around.

Anyone for a miiiiniiii Halladay or a Twins celebratory card?

Hey Arpsmith, you out there?  You interested in these cards of your boys?

How about some White Sox up and comers? 

 While I do like the Chasing History cards, I only like the shiny refractory ones.

 Anybody needs/want these miiiiiniiiiiiis?

And now a few of the Chasing History shinys....

These Dodger cards areawesome.
I'll close with a couple of shiny Yankees.  If you get tomorrow off, enjoy! 

Next Post:  ATBATT's 2nd Base All-Star


  1. I have the base but need the Lincecum insert and Walmart parallel. Thanks for thinking of me! I am sure I can track down of couple of Dodgers to send your way. Okay with a PWE trade?

    LMK, Adam

    1. Hey Adam, Glad I can help you out. PWE is just fine for this. I'll be sending you a few assorted Giants beside the 2013's. Hope they are all new for you.