Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trading with 30-Year Old Cardboard and Lost Collectors

Hey everybody,

Here comes a short but sweet trade post about a coupla small...but very sweet trades.

First up is a trade with A.J. over at The Lost Collector A.J. posted some vintage, and lucky for me, he had a couple of 58 Dodgers for trade, Jim Gilliam and big bat Carl Furillo.  I already had the Gilliam,  but I needed that Furillo.  

Sure, it's a bit chewy, but this card got me to a count of 10 out of the 30 - yes, 30! - Dodger cards in 58 Topps. I'll post later about the 10 I have, with the hopes some of you out there might have some of the remaining Dodgers that I'm still missing.

What else did I get from A.J., you may ask?  Well, wonder no further, and behold the additional goodness that he sent my way...

It's more Dodger vintage!  Yes, he's listed as a damn Yankee, but he's wearing an L.A. cap, and the Yanks name seems to be kinda scuffed off.  In a weird way, I like that.

BTW - the other day GCRL posted about Bob Welch's extremely long arm and in looking at Williams' card, I notice he's got a super long arm also. Yikes! It's like that arm that creeps out of the crashed UFO at the end of  the 1953 movie version of The War Of The Worlds.

But that trade still wasn't finished - Check this out...

Yup - it's my first Hideo Nomo jersey card.  I know, I know, some of you guys have something like a thousand Nomo cards, swatches, relics and autos...but not my humble little collection.  A.J. helped me to lasso my first Nomo relic. This card is a well-designed and well-named little gem.

The other trade was really more of a gift, which makes it extra cool.  Brian over at 30-Year Old Cardboard  posted some 2013 Topps Dodgers and I requested this one...

Good ol' Paco here is an up and comer with the Boys in Blue. He debuted against the hated ones from the bay, and did his job, retiring the first batter he faced in the majors.

I wasn't able to find anything immediately in Brian's want lists, but being the great guy that he is, he went ahead and sent the card over to me anyway.

I'm planning on sending a surprise over to you in the coming days, so keep your eyes open, Brian.  I know you sent this card as a gift to me...and it's in that spirit that I'll be sending a little something over to you. 

All in all, Acouple of great trades.  THANKS Brian and A.J.!  I'm looking forward to our next trades.

THANKS also for reading, everybody.