Monday, May 6, 2013

Trade Me (Almost) Anything: Arizona Diamondbacks Edition

Hey everybody,

My first ever Trade Me Anything post has produced my first ever trade with Bert over at Swing And A Pop Up  .   Cool, right?   I say that's downright fantastic!

This all plays into a couple of the themes I read about on my travels through our blog community today.  Our buddy Night Owl wrote about "The ever expanding circle"   of trades and traders out there thanks to the blogosphere.  That post was spot on and matched  my newly expanded circle, thanks to Bert.

In another post on yet another blog, Nick, the prolific writer over at Dime Boxes , encouraged readers on the fence out there to create new blogs, while contemplating the personal reasons behind his own.  Nick, you declared you're not a "mainstream" collector.  Heck, whom among us is?  And that ever expanding variety of collectors, blogs and cards, my friends, is what makes our hobby so great. 

As my loyal readers know, I started this blog with the sole intent of generating trades and working on my collection.  Sure, I stretch my blogger wings a bit and occasionally post about the state of  my team, or on the state of the hobby, but trading is what I really love about blogging.  And that's been working out marvelously, thanks to all of you out there.

Continuing with tradition, here's the latest batch of cards for your trade approval.  It's the current opponents out here in Dodger Stadium, the Arizona Diamondbacks!

Here's how it works In each post I'll offer cards from one particular ballclub.  I'm starting the offer at 9 cards, since 9 is what fits onto my scanner plate, and I can comfortably shoot 9 cards to you in a PWE. 

What do I want in return?  I'll accept whatever and however many cards you want to shoot back. It doesn't have to be 9 cards in return and they don't have to be all Dodgers.  My only request is you check out my "What I collect" or "Sets I'm chasing" pages here and use them as guides.

Once again, you don't have to match me for numbers of cards or perceived monetary value.  Say I send you 9 cards and you send me 1insert or vintage card.  Cool!

The intent here is simply to  TRADE, BABY, TRADE!

THANKS for reading, everybody!

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