Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trade Me (Almost) Anything: Angels Edition

Hey everybody,

Here comes a crop of cards for you Angels collectors out there.  I also have a bit of pimpage for you all.  Bert, over at Swing And A Pop Up  is offering up Angels cards as well.

So with at least two blogs offering up cards, it's a nice time to be an Angels collector.  However, I'm hoping the Dodgers can build on the momentum of last night's come-from-behind win and make it a hard time to be an Angels fan again today.

Before I get to those Angels cards I have two extra notes:
1. I want to acknowledge some great trade packages that have arrived over the past 10 days or so.  I received packages full of goodies from Cardboard Heaven, Chunter and yet even more Hy-Grades from Swing And A Pop Up.  THANKS for all the great stuff, boys!  Posts will be coming up.

2. In another sports battle of California cities, the L.A. Kings are playing the San Jose Sharks in Game 7 of their playoff series.  The Kings just went up 2-0 as I typed this! Justin williams is now looking for a hat trick.  Go Kings!

Now back to baseball cards.   Here's an Angels assortment of different uniforms and names:

THANKS for reading, everybody!


  1. I had my stack of Angels claimed. Hopefully yours gets snagged pretty quickly as well.

    1. It's all good, buddy. At the very least you might get some new traffic over at your place.

  2. I can certainly use the Trout, Vaughn, Salmon, and Molina but if you want to just send them all I'll send some Dodgers stuff in return.

    1. Happy to send the guys you named and I'll add another fistful of Angels in the hopes those won't be doubles for you.